Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bored with a camera

What happens when you're on a tour and it hits a boring patch?  You look around and realize that you are with your favorite person in the whole wide world and have a camera in hand!  Boredom= more model shots!

Round two: The hubby vs. The wife.  One epic shoot out.  Who will win?  You be the judge.

La'akea's photography shots:

My photography shots:

Clearly, I won, right?  Lol...

Day 5: Downtown Puerto Vallarta

After the tequila factory tour we hopped back on the bus to see Puerto Vallarta's downtown life.

Surprisingly, it looked a lot like Waikiki.  The climate was the same, the touristy shops were very similar, and there were tons of people walking in every direction all at once.  We felt totally at home there...lol.  The only really notable difference was the size of the streets.  If there were only one lane streets in Waikiki, we'd be at a standstill.  Constantly.

We visited another church, which was very pretty and ornate.
 Just look at that bell tower!  Beautiful!
All the paintings on the walls and the gilded chancel and pulpit...love it!
Confession:  I did tease my husband a bit telling him that this was the most time that he's ever spent in church.  Heheh...sorry.  I couldn't help myself.  I have to josh him a little bit every now and then...or everyday...whichever comes first.  Okay I feel better now that that's out in the open.

The coolest part of the city, at least for me, was all of the artwork and art markets along the shore.
 There were tons of sculptures and statues lining the water's edge.  Check out the arches!  Pretty awesome, right?  I wish that we had a chance to take a closer picture.
 One of many art markets.
There was a guy building these next to the sea shore.  I think he looks for rocks that will balance on each other with no glue or anything to stick them together because supposedly he comes back all the time to build new ones.
I snapped this picture of the main drive in Puerto Vallarta without really much thought to it at the time.  A little while after we returned home to sunny O'ahu, we went to see the movie "Limitless".  (You know, the one with that hottie Bradley Cooper where he takes the experimental drug that allows him to use 100% off his mind.  His blue, blue eyes are a pool that I just want to dive right into.  Okay that's enough of that...)  There's a scene where Bradley (Yes, we're on a first name basis.  Did you not read the last comment?  Lol...) is driving a Maserati in Europe.  While watching the scene I leaned over to the hubby and excitedly exclaimed, "Do you recognize that street?  It's downtown Vallarta on the main drive.  We were standing right there!"  He was quite impressed that I recognized it, given that the scene is only 30 seconds or so long. 

So being the awesome person that I am, I've included the scene for your enjoyment.  See if you can recognize the street from my picture...if you can keep your eyes off Bradly for a second or two.  Maybe you should just view the video a few times.  You know, to be sure that you saw it...lol.

How to eat a taco...correctly

I know that technically there's no wrong way to eat a Reeses, but there is a wrong way to eat a taco.

Vegetarian taco...wrong.  (Unless you are, in fact, a vegetarian.  Then a vegetarian taco would be acceptable.)

Cutting it with a fork and knife...wrong.

Using any utensils at all to eat it...wrong.

Not covering it in hot sauce or salsa...for shame!  I guess some people really don't like it, so that doesn't make it wrong, but it brings a tear to my eye...lol.

Tacos are meant to be savored.  To be enjoyed.  To be messy!  So eat up.  Get messy.  And tell everyone else around you to deal with it!