Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 4: Pool time!

After all of the exploring we did and the long bus ride back to the boat from Todo Santos, it was time for some much needed R&R by the pool.

Maybe because I haven't spent much time on a boat or because I live in Hawai'i and it is always warm, I was kind of surprised to find out that it's kind of cold on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  All those music videos on MTV are so deceiving!  Those girls dancing around on a boat in their bikinis are probably freezing their patooties off.  Maybe I'm just weak sauce though...lol.

On this particular day it was rather warm and because we were so close to shore it wasn't as cold.  So I braved it in my bikini.

On our way to the pool deck we caught a few shots of each other with the Land's End Arch in the background.
Cute suit, right?  It was just begging to be worn. :)  
(Thanks Cheynah for getting me bikini ready with all those hardcore workouts.)

*Tangent:  Funny story about my bikini.

Before we left Hawai'i the hubby and I were hanging out on the beach.  All the girls here wear those Brazilian style bikinis.  You know, the ones with the super tiny bottoms.  I've only ever owned a regular bikini, so I thought, since they're all the rage, "I need to get me a cute Brazilian style bikini to take with me on our trip to Mexico."  Thus I called up La'akea's Aunt, Louisa, who is the owner/designer of Honey Girl Waterwear (Which are the best swimsuits that were ever made!  She even makes suits for little girls.  So now Mommy and daughter can be all matchy-matchy, even at the beach.  So cute!), to help me pick out a cute Brazilian bikini from her new line.

After trying on numerous styles we decided that we liked the one pictured above the best.  (If you must know, I am wearing the Tahiti Reversible Triangle top and the Moorea Reversible Teeny Tie Brazilian bottom.  The print on one side is solid black, as shown, and the other side is a black and white Hawaiian print.)  I totally love it, by the way!  If you don't own a Honey Girl suit you need to go out and buy one, pronto!  You won't regret your purchase, I guarantee it!

I tested it out at the beach here in Hawai'i and it passed my "Can I wear this out without feeling totally exposed?" test.  I mean no one shouted, "Hey put some clothes on!" or shielded their child's eyes from my slightly cheek bearing bikini bottomed self.  So I figured I was good to go and threw it into my suitcase.

I was super excited to wear it and donned it on this warm sunny day.  We got up to the pool deck and I took off my cover-up revealing my cheeky bikini, feeling pretty chic and on trend.  I stretched out on the beach chair and took a look around.  Low and behold I was the only one in a Brazilian style bikini!

I didn't even think that the Brazilian bikini trend didn't hit the mainland yet.  Oops...lol.

None the less, I rocked the bikini and even got a few compliments on it!  I guess girls in the mainland will be purchasing their own Brazilian style bikinis this summer.

The hubby hoping to soak up some rays.

Relaxing by the pool was the perfect way to end the day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 4: Strike a pose...

The town was somewhat small and we had seen a lot of it while on the guided walking tour earlier in the day, so we busied ourselves by taking pictures.  Or I did at least...La'akea was too busy being forced to be my muse...lol.

The Hotel California had this awesome hallway right outside of the restaurant and I couldn't help but take a shot or two of my hubby lazing around.

These next two are, by far, my favorite shots of La'akea...well at least of ones that I have taken.
The lighting was just perfect!  He was standing there talking to me and I shouted "Don't move!"  I love it when things happen like that. 

Ford Models eat your heart out!

Day 4: Welcome to the Hotel California

"Welcome to the Hotel California...such a lovely place, such a lovely place.  Such a lovely face..."

Okay now that I got that out of my system...

Speaking honestly, the Hotel California was a bit too touristy for me.  It was fun, but nothing about it said traditional Mexico to me.  Not to mention that they played "Hotel California" by the Eagles on repeat...lol.

La'akea and I awaiting our meal.  Thanks to the couple from Japan (I know!  Of all places, right?!?) for taking this one of us. 

Although the food was Mexican and handmade, it was just okay.  Especially when compared to the Mexican masterpiece that we indulged in the day before!
Dig in hun...because I didn't pack any snacks in my bag...lol.

Every where we went people would try to draw you in with "Mucho clean baƱos.  You come in to my store, okay?"  I love a clean bathroom, but it was getting a little ridiculous...lol.
Can you tell which one is the womens and which is the mens?  Lol...yes, the man did have man junk exposed.  Though the plant did a great job hiding it...lol.

After lunch we had some time to explore on our own.  So off we went...