Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 4: Welcome to the Hotel California

"Welcome to the Hotel California...such a lovely place, such a lovely place.  Such a lovely face..."

Okay now that I got that out of my system...

Speaking honestly, the Hotel California was a bit too touristy for me.  It was fun, but nothing about it said traditional Mexico to me.  Not to mention that they played "Hotel California" by the Eagles on

La'akea and I awaiting our meal.  Thanks to the couple from Japan (I know!  Of all places, right?!?) for taking this one of us. 

Although the food was Mexican and handmade, it was just okay.  Especially when compared to the Mexican masterpiece that we indulged in the day before!
Dig in hun...because I didn't pack any snacks in my

Every where we went people would try to draw you in with "Mucho clean baños.  You come in to my store, okay?"  I love a clean bathroom, but it was getting a little
Can you tell which one is the womens and which is the mens?  Lol...yes, the man did have man junk exposed.  Though the plant did a great job hiding

After lunch we had some time to explore on our own.  So off we went...

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