Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great things come in 6"x8" packages!

Are you ready for the cutest darn little scrapbook ever?!?  Well here it is.  It's called a Tri-fold Scrapbook.  Why do we call it that?  Because it folds out into three sections, of course!  When a regular scrapbook doesn't pack enough wow, this one steps up to the plate!

Here's a pic of scrapbook from the front.  Closed it measures only 6"x8", but wait 'til you see inside!  
I opted to my make scrapbook out of SU Love Sparkles Simply Scrappin' Kit (113918).  I just love that pink and brown combo!  (Well pink and anything is fine with me.  Hell, pink and pink is great!  If you can't already tell, my love for all things pink rivals closely with my stationary addiction.  My poor husband probably has nightmares about coming home to an all pink house...*insert evil laugh here*.  Personally, I think that pink makes the world a better place.  It's just such a happy color!)

Each Scrappin' Kit can make two books, give or take a paper or two, if you're not a super careful cutter.  Here's a pic of the book fully opened:
Props have to go out to Andrea Walford for the original idea and design.  She's a Stampin' Up demonstrator in Canada and she totally rocks my socks!  She deserves some major paper diva points for this one.

Hope that you are all having a great week so far...and if you're not, don't worry tomorrow is Friday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Finding my inner Scallop Edge...punch that is!

Stampin' Up just recently came out with a new Scallop Trim Border Punch and Corner Punch, featured in the Sale-A-Bration and Occasions Mini catalogs.  Like a superhero duo, their forces combine to make squares and rectangles that are completely surrounded by a scallop edge!

I took one look at them in the catalogs, squealed with delight, and just had to buy them!  I busted them out as soon as they came and then thought "Oh crap.  How am I going to figure out what size squares and rectangles make the scallops align perfectly?".  The thought crossed my mind to do the old guess and check, but that would require a huge waste of paper and probably an equally huge glass of  So being the savvy searcher that I am...I Googled it.   (When in doubt, Google it out!)  Low and behold, I found a woman with the patience of a saint!  She toiled until she figured out the exact measurements for each square and rectangle.  So now I share with you the work of Gretchen Barron.  My hat goes off to you Gretchen!

My edges will no longer remain straight. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello world. It's me, Arielle.

All right people.  After numerous requests...I am on the web. 

For those of you who don't know me personally, allow me to introduce myself.  Hi my name is Arielle and I have a serious passion for stationary...or at least that's how my husband nicely describes my addiction to paper and all things related.  I know that I am not alone and I frequently remind him that there are others, just like me, walking around out there in the world.  His response?  Smile and nod.

So here it goes.  My blog is to be a safe haven for other addicts, I mean those impassioned by stationary, out there in the big world.  A place where we can all gather to share our passion without judgment from those who do not understand.  I have a dream...okay sorry, I'll stop now before this gets ridiculously long.

What now, you ask?  I have no