Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello world. It's me, Arielle.

All right people.  After numerous requests...I am on the web. 

For those of you who don't know me personally, allow me to introduce myself.  Hi my name is Arielle and I have a serious passion for stationary...or at least that's how my husband nicely describes my addiction to paper and all things related.  I know that I am not alone and I frequently remind him that there are others, just like me, walking around out there in the world.  His response?  Smile and nod.

So here it goes.  My blog is to be a safe haven for other addicts, I mean those impassioned by stationary, out there in the big world.  A place where we can all gather to share our passion without judgment from those who do not understand.  I have a dream...okay sorry, I'll stop now before this gets ridiculously long.

What now, you ask?  I have no



  1. Welcome to blogland! I, too, am addicted to paper, pens, stamps, embellishments, or anything related to crafting! Love to buy it all and save it for a rainy day...which isn't too many here!
    Looking forward to your creations!
    Aloha, Joni
    ps-found you through Teri!

  2. Hi Joni! I'm glad that there are other crazy-for-paper people out there in the world like Thanks for the support. I'll keep the posts coming.


    PS. Teri is too cute. Don't you just love her stuff? I can't get enough. :)