Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 6: What to do when you're out at sea?

What does one do when out at sea?  Wine tastings, of course!

Honestly, the wine was great, but what made the experience really fun were the people hosting the tasting.  They were funny and informative.  Plus a little wine goes a long way in helping people to loosen up and mingle, so we made a few friends here too.  All of which made for a great experience.

La'akea sampling the first wine.  Can you tell he's not a huge fan of white wine?  Lol...
All of the tasting samples and the cheese and baguettes that they served with it.  There was a Havarti cheese that was too die for!  It was creamy with a slight nutty flavor.  I have yet to find it again.  So Havarti lovers, hit me up! :(
If you zoom in you can see the labels of all the wines that we sampled that day.  All were yummy, but my favorite was the Tintara.

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  1. You are so sophisticated, my day at sea, I did the scavenger hunt and fell down some stairs looking like an idiot. lol