Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just call me Construction Barbie...

The first step to getting back on the wagon is to get back on the wagon.  So this is me officially getting back on the blogging wagon.

It's hard to believe that I haven't blogged in over 2 years.  It's embarrassing really.  I think about blogging all the time and even come up with posts in my head, but never actually sit down to write them.  (No, not just post ideas, but full on posts.  With edits!  I know, I'm a little crazy, but that's what you all love about me, right?)

So what have I been doing in the last 2 years?  You know I haven't just been sitting around doing nothing.  I'm the proverbial Jack-of-all-trades!  Well, maybe the first year I was kind of just sitting around and living life... But the second year!  Wait for it....

My husband and I bought a house!

It's small, and old, and needs a ton of work, but it's ours!  This is where things really start to get interesting.  Did I mention it was old?  Like really old...

 Are those original cabinets?  Why yes they are!  They were made back before drawer slides were invented.  So you get a great workout every time you need a utensil!
 The view of the kitchen from the dining room.
 Yes, that's a washer in my kitchen.  That was the first thing to go.  It just didn't make sense to me there.  Eventually I'd like a laundry room, but for now its home is in the garage.
 And there is the lonely refrigerator.  In, what I think, is the worst place you could ever put a refrigerator.  The door opens and bangs against the island and it is so far away from the stove.  You do get cardio points from that placement though, as you will be walking back and forth more times than you could possibly imagine while cooking a meal.

Let's just say it was updated never since it was built.  Which is both good and bad.  Good because it's pretty much a blank canvas.  Anything I want to do to it, I can!  Bad because with no updating means you have things like old weird wiring (Why is the light switch for this room smack dab in the middle of the wall rather than near the door?  Probably because back in the day people liked a challenge!  Yeah, you might trip over a bunch of stuff and die, but hey, you're out there living life on the edge.  Or...the easiest way to run the wire was to the middle of the room rather than to the door...hahaha.).  Pretty much anything you can think of I'll probably have to eventually fix.  Don't get me wrong, the house has good 'bones'.  So it's mostly superficial. 

I think this shower is too small for me. :/
 The kitchen, bathrooms, and one bedroom were the only rooms in the house that had ever been painted.  Here's the hubs getting ready to paint the whole house.
 Here's my father-in-law a couple hours in.  I guess I should have bought him a ski mask....oops...  He's been helping us with all of our remodeling.  He's awesome and doesn't ever tell me that any of my bright ideas (ie. my farmer's sink or my waterfall counter top.  Hey, I have a lot of design ideas.) are not possible.  He rolls with every curve ball that I throw at him and I love him for it!  He is the ultimate "make it work" guy.
Here's the hallway and dining room after being primed and painted.  Sooooooo much better!  Oh yeah and there are just a few rolls of the super old carpet that we had to remove.  Old carpet is really heavy!  Please, don't tell me why.  I can only imagine all the dust bunnies, skin particles....and that's enough of that.

Me, the girliest of girls, has really gotten into the whole DIY spirit.  I'm actually out there demoing, sanding, painting, laying tile, building cabinets.  Hey you name it, I've probably done it or at least stood there while my husband did the scary parts!  (Confession time: The nail gun scares me.  I don't want to touch it or go near it.  It's loud, huge, and just all around scary.  It's my husband's main goal in life right now to get me to fire it.  So far he's losing.  He did however get me a jack hammer and I'm pretty good at using that.  Now he fires nails and I jack hammer out tile.  So I guess on some levels he did win...hahaha.)

We've done a lot of updating already.  The kitchen is almost done!  (Yes, I have pictures, but you'll have to wait until the next post to see them.  I can't give everything away in my first post back!  If you really must see them right now or you'll explode from excitement, then you can check them out on my instagram @lb_dub77.)  Next to go is that hideous avocado green tile and matching green tub in the picture above.  We're smashing that to bits with a sledge hammer this weekend.  And you know what?  I can't wait!


  1. Yippie for pictures and coming back to the blog world.

  2. Thanks Steff! I'm working my hardest on making a good go at it this time around. :)