Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you...*gasp* sick?!?

Are you one of those people that will never admit to being sick?  I am.  In my house, I am never sick.  I may have a runny nose, a non-stop cough, and a splitting headache, but the words "I think I have a cold." will never be uttered out of my mouth.  You can't make me say it!

Actually, if anyone other than my husband asks if I am sick, I may confess to feeling ill.  But if he asked, I'd never admit it. 

Why this weirdness about whether or not I am sick?

After years of careful observation I have come to the conclusion that every time that he gets me to admit that I am indeed sick he has to go and top my sickness with an even worse one.  Then I end up taking care of myself and him.  Not to mention, I think that about 80% of all of his illnesses are psychosomatic.  You whisper the word sick and he's already busting out the thermometer...lol.

So if you feel ill around him, do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell him.  He'll come home 20 minutes later telling me that he feels sick and will mysteriously have a 101 degree fever with no other symptoms.  That train is never late!  (I love you darling, but you know that I speak the truth...lol.)

Am I sick?  *Cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle*  Nope! :)


  1. Mike is EXACTLY the same way! It drives me nuts!! It must be a guy thing.

  2. It totally is a guy thing! Boys are dumb, throw rocks at them...lol...j/k.