Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3: Cabo Wabo

After the quick boat trip to the arch we headed out to see the sights.

What's more Mexican than hitting up Cabo Wabo Cantina?

Come on, it's Sammy Hagar's place!  (For those of you that don't know, he's a member of Van Halen.  You know, you know all the words to "Hot for Teacher".  Don't try to fool me!)  It's one of those things.  If you're there, you have to see it.  If not, then you didn't really miss

On the walk there we saw various things.  Jewelry shops, tourist-ie stores, the occasional pharmacy selling prescription drugs over the counter.  You know, nothing too out of the

Yes, apparently even Viagra has a super hero

Also, if you're ever lost and can't find your way to Cabo Wabo, just remember that it's directly behind the "Titty Bar".  Those were the directions that my brother received from a

You thought I was kidding.  I was

The atmosphere was cheesy and the food and service were lacking, but the drinks were scrumptious!  So when you go, pass on the food and expect to have less than stellar service, but definitely have a margarita.  Yum!

My fierce supermodel pose in front of Cabo Wabo's red carpet area.  

Next stop, finding some authentic Mexican grub.

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