Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 3: Off the boat in Cabo San Lucas

After all of the days at sea, we were ready to set foot on some land.

First stop a boat trip to the famed Land's End Arch at Lover's Beach.  (I know!  We just got off a boat.  But it is pretty much the only way to see the arch without having to hike in.  So on the boat we went!)

Lover's Beach.  Beautiful!  Only bummer was so many people wanted to see it.  They drove tons and tons of people out there via water taxi.  Thus it kind of took the romance out of the whole "lover's" part of the name for me.  Now they should call it over-exploited beach.
 There were a bunch of birds circling over the top of the mountain.  Turistas, anyone?  I know, I was kind of freaked out too.  Too many scary movies I
Here it is!  The famed Land's End Arch.  Carved from the land via the currents of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.  According to, pirates used to hide in the arch and ambush passing ships.  We didn't see any pirates, but I do think it would be a cool place to hide!
Here are some of the homes on the hill.  The tour guide told us that those are the homes of various movie stars.  What a view, huh?
Me on the boat.
The opposite view of the arch on our way back to shore.  This is also the opposite side of Lover's Beach.  The water is choppier there because it's on the Pacific Ocean rather than the Sea of Cortez, so the locals call it Divorce Beach...hehe.
The hubby on the front deck of the boat. 
*Teaching moment! 
It was super sunny out and all the photographs that I was taking of him were of him squinting from the sun.  How did I get this one, you ask?  You have to know the secret. 
Since we're friends I'll share it with you. 
You have your subject close their eyes.  Then you count to three.  When you get to three you have them open their eyes and you quickly snap the shot.  Voila, eyes open every time!  Perfecto!
Beautiful isn't it?

Once we made it back to shore, we headed out to have a day of fun and adventure, seeing the sites within walking distance in Cabo.
We look like total dorks in this picture, but hey it's one of us together.  I blame my dad for this one.  It's his bad photography skills, not the fact that we just got off a boat and were totally wind-blown at that

Cabo, ready or not, here we come!


  1. Cool trick!! Thanks for the tip! Looks like it was a beautiful place to visit!

  2. Any time, Steff, any time! :)