Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ahhh those were the days...

WARNING: A mushy moment is about begin... don't say that I didn't warn

March will always have a fond spot in my heart.  Not only is it the month where spring finally begins, but it is the month where my husband and i started dating and, 9 years later, finally married.   March 16 to be exact!  :)  *Insert " cute! and a huge smile here*  This year will be our first anniversary.  Just think last year I was pulling my hair out trying to balance a wedding budget.  A blog wasn't even close to being on my 
Our first dance!  We were so young...wait that was only last

Now looking back on my wedding photos (Props to Carol Oliva photographer extraordinaire!  She's a rockin' photographer and a super sweet lady.  Put her on your list of vendors for your next party.  You won't be disappointed!), I can see that all that stress was worth it.  We had a great time and I can honestly say that it was perfect.

Just to bring this back to stationary (my second love, since my hubby would have to be my  Although there are some days that the order feels like it should be switched...just kidding.), here's a photo of our wedding invitations:

I came up with the design and my husband did the computer-ie parts  of the invite (The wording and the background paper.  Yes he designed his own background paper because he didn't like what I chose from the store...and he says that I'm  My mom and husband started calling me the invitation nazi because i wanted them to be perfect.  Each time they stuck something together even 1/16 of a inch off I would make them do it again.  (Told you I was crazy about stationary...and you thought I was just kidding.)   Well I didn't make them do it again every time...I just gave them the eye.  I think that they even started putting the 'ugly ones' at the bottom of the pile so that I wouldn't see them until  Ahhh memories... :)

*All photographs from this post were taken by Carol Oliva.

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