Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mwahhh-haha! My craftroom is almost complete!

My paper trays that I ordered have finally come in!  (It sounds like I had to wait forever but I really just ordered them on the  Well at least one of them came in.  I am still waiting for the other one to come in the mail.  It'll probably come tomorrow...cross your fingers for me. :)

I searched far and wide for a paper tray system.  One with efficient storage capacities that still takes up a small amount of space.  There were many to choose from, but I felt that this one best went with the modern, yet eclectic, decor of my home...oh who am I kidding?  I bought the cheapest one that looked like it wasn't going to break about 5 minutes after being  (Yes it's been longer than 5 minutes and the paper tray system is still standing...haha very funny.)

Here's the view from the front
And the side

A picture of the box...see I put it together correctly :)

I put it together all by myself!  My husband will be so proud...well he'll mostly be relieved that I didn't ask him to build  It only took about 20 minutes to put together and I only got hurt once (That's pretty good for me!  Assembling things = injury every time).  One of the bolts that holds on the wheels had a sharp spot on it and of course my finger found that exact spot with little to no  (Don't worry I washed it with soap.  Hey, you can never be too careful.  Plus the system was really dusty in the box.  I should have wiped it down, but I just couldn't wait to put it together!)  

If you would like to buy one, I bought mine from Target online for $29.99 and about $6.00 for shipping.  (On a tangent, the store's name is pronounced Target, like 'I'm going to shoot at this huge red and white target', not Tarje.  It's a big box retailer not a French  Like I said before, it was the cheapest and looked like it would hold my paper with minimal issues.  Plus it has wheels, so I can wheel it all over the room if I want.  I just hated having to dig through my scrapbook chests looking for paper.  Now I can just wheel these babies right next to my desk.  Voila!  Paper at my finger tips!  

Now all I need is a mini fridge in my craftroom and I can live in there for :)


  1. Ooh, love this paper tray you really think I can fit one of these babies in my already crowded craft room?? LOL! Thanks for the info though...I just might manage to move things around!!

  2. It would take some major moving around, but it's like it might be