Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cable cars are insane!

My hubby decided that since we missed the cable car ride in the morning that we should make up for it by taking a ride on one back to our hotel...or at least near it.  I think that he just didn't want to walk any more, since we seriously ended up walking like 10 miles that day...lol. 

So we jumped in a super long line to catch the next cable car.  The cost of not having to walk back 5 miles to the hotel, $5 a pop. 

It was really, really, really cold standing in line.  The whole time we tried to stay out in the sun because it was about 10 degrees colder in the shade.  I wore sunscreen like I always do...my hubby, not so lucky.  Despite the millions of times I tell him to wear sunscreen he still refuses.  So he got a sunburn.  Should have listened to me, huh?  I'm just saying...

I thought that riding the cable cars was going to be like riding the trolley back in Hawaii.  Wrong!  Sure they still cram a lot of people into each car and have people hanging off the sides like homicidal maniacs, but we don't have the steep hills like they do in SF.  That was seriously scary!  I thought that we were going to lose someone off the side for sure.

Me riding the cable car.  This picture was taken before we started going down all those steep hills. 

Don't worry everyone arrived, safe and sound.  The cable car can go on for another day...without me riding it...lol.

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