Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reasons why I have the best husband in the whole wide world...

Top 10 Reasons that my hubby rocks:

Reason #10:
The whiny voice always works with him.  If I want something done, a little whine always does the trick.  (Well a little wine works on me too, but that's a different kind of

Reason #9:
He hates reality t.v. shows, but he'll watch it with me if I tell him that I'm watching it to research how humans interact with one another.

Reason #8:
No matter how obnoxiously annoying I try to be while he's trying to take a nap, he never gets upset.

Reason #7:
When I tell him that it's his turn to make dinner, he whips out his phone to speed dial Assagio's and orders a large order of Chicken Saltimbocca.  Once he returns to our house with the order, he takes it out of the take-out container, replates it onto two plates, opens a bottle of wine, and tells me how much he slaved over dinner.  

Reason #6: 
He can always pick a movie that will put me right to sleep.  I never want for sleep when it's his turn to pick the movie.

Reason #5:
Knowing that we didn't have his laptop to take with us on vacation, he brought a notebook to journal all of our adventures so that I would remember what to blog about.  He even did all of the journaling!  See him there in the picture?  That was him, almost every night.

Reason #4:  
He's just so darn cute in his nerdy glasses!  (Did I mention that I love glasses?  Well I do...)

Reason #3:
He can always make me laugh.  I usually laugh the hardest when he's not trying to make me laugh.  Like when he has to wear his IPod to do the dishes because it seriously takes him like an hour to wash about 5 dishes.  During which he takes about 3 breaks because doing the dishes is hard

Reason #2:
He loves me even when I'm being a major diva.  Like when we have to clean our house because people are coming to visit and I run around the house screaming "Cleaning is Hades!".

Finally, the #1 reason that my hubby rocks is:
He spoils me shamelessly and tells other people that I'm worth it.

Have you hugged your husband today?  You should...except if he just came back from the gym or doing yard-work or anything that makes a man equally sweaty.  You should tell him to take a shower first and then hug him when he's sweat-free.

Happy almost Friday bloggies!

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