Monday, September 20, 2010

Barn Diva, baby!

After all the driving and sight seeing, we ended up in Healdsburg for dinner.  Cute little town.  You know, the kind of town with lots of boutique shops and people walking around with their dogs and such.  Kind of reminded me of Kailua.

Here's La'akea taking a rest on a pig bench.  People out here love their pork.  I think that we ate something pork pretty much

We settled on a restaurant called Barn Diva.  They were all booked up for the night except one reservation at 5pm, when the restaurant first opens for dinner.  We snagged it!  I did feel kind of strange eating so early, but the food was well worth it.  
 La'akea next to the Barn Diva truck.
I would suggest getting there early, as our service was great, but the people that sat down next to us, about 45 minutes after our reservation, had the worst service.  Their server took forever to take their drink order and even longer for their dinner order.  I felt kind of bad for them and almost offered the couple some of my dinner to tide them over.  Maybe it was an off day for Barn Diva or maybe that couple comes in all the time and gives the waitstaff hell, but just keep that in mind if you plan on dining there.
Our meal by photo...
Goat Cheese Croquettes
Stuffed with House-Made Tomato Jam and served with a  Lavender Honey dipping sauce.  
These were delish!  The crunchy, crisp outside matched with the creamy, savory inside topped with the slight sweetness of the honey; a masterpiece in one bite.  A must have for sure!

Chicken & Dumplings
Fricassee of Young Chicken, Fromage Blanc Gnocchi,
Crème de Morel, English Peas
This was my dinner.  It was sooooooo tasty!  I'm a sucker for gnocchi.  If gnocchi is on the menu, I'll probably order it without hesitation.  If you haven't had gnocchi, you haven't lived!

"Off the Hook"
Chef’s Daily Selection of Wild Fish From Our Local Waters
This was La'akea's dinner.  I forget what kind of fish this was, but it was really good.  Simple flavors let the fish shine.  Yummy!

Time for dessert!
Strawberry Semifreddo
Almond Dacquoise, Minted Strawberries, Rhubarb Vanilla Compote
Talk about dying and going straight to heaven!  Such a light, refreshing dessert with a sweet and sour mix of flavors.  A wonderful way to end a meal, if you ask me!

This was a great laid-back meal to end our wonderful vacation with.  One more night at the Kenwood Inn and Spa and then it's back to reality.

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