Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Riding in the car, we love riding in the car!

It was day 6 of our trip, our last full day in the big CA.  We spent most of the day driving around, hanging out in various towns throughout Sonoma and Napa Valley.  We found a great 90s alternative rock channel on the satellite radio in our car and totally rocked out to it the whole time.  No commercials except the ones for the radio station, which was totally sweet until I heard this one:  "You used to rage against the machine; now you rage against the washing machine. Lithium XM radio 90's alternative rock."  How did this radio station know my life?

While driving we saw all kinds of things.

We saw confusing things...

I, personally, have a few questions for the driver of this U-Haul.

Do you know that you are driving with the hatch open?  No?  Hmmm...you might have a problem with that later on.

Do you have a friend that owns a truck?  Yes?  Then why rent a huge U-Haul for only one stove?  Wait, you had more stuff in there earlier, but because the hatch was left open while driving along all the windy roads you're only left with a stove?  Oh, I see.  P.S.  You might lose the stove's extension pipe for the vent in a few more turns.

The next "Real Men of Genius" commercial right here, folks.  Mr. Irresponsible Mover Guy.

We saw touristy things like the Napa Valley sign...
My favorite Napa Valley quote: "Wine...how classy people get shitfaced."  They sold things that said that all over the place...lol.
This is the face you make when your husband tells you, "Honey, stand by the car so that I can take a picture of you." and you know he really means a picture of the car.

We saw strange, out of place things like this castle...
Yes, it's a real castle, but a modern one.  It's actually a winery called Castello Di Amorosa.  The owner wanted a castle and couldn't find one that he liked, so he built his own.  Nice, huh?
Me at the entrance to the castle.
The courtyard.
Inside the castle.
La'akea looking very suave with a hat on.  We did not buy this hat as well.  I guess we are just hat tryer-oners and not hat buyers...lol.
In the castle tower.
There were even sheep outside of the castle.  How cute is that?
The whole trip I wanted to take a picture with the grapes, but every winery pretty much had a sign posted that read something along the lines of 'stay out of the grapevines'.  Thus, I didn't get the chance until now.  There was no sign to be seen!  Quick, snap the picture of me running up and down the aisles of grapes!  (There's just something about those straight little rows that makes you want to run through the aisles.)  Then I turned around and saw the sign "Please keep out of the grapevines."  We quickly headed for our car...lol.

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