Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 days of photos: Day 30

Day 30: A picture of someone who inspires you

Although there are many, many people that inspire me to be a better person spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, Cheynah inspires me to be better physically.  She pushes me to be in the best physical shape that I can be and I love her for it.  Even when I think I couldn't possibly do another crunch or push up, she says "Yes, you know you can."  And you know what?  I can!

Thank you Cheynah for keeping me on track and getting my butt into the Fit category on the General Body Fat scale!  (Even though it required a billion and one squats, leg lifts, chest presses, bicep curls, push ups, and  They were all totally worth it!)  You rock my athletic socks, girl!

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