Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Halloween 2011

*Again sorry for the lateness on this post.  I'm batting zero for getting things posted on time.  I'll be better this year.  Promise.

For Halloween this past year we decided to do something different from past years.  Of course there would still be dressing up and of course there would still be partying, but you know, something to make this year stand out from all the rest.  So a group of us opted to stay the night in Waikiki.

We ended up staying at the Trump International Hotel.  It was beautiful, to say the least, and we had a blast.  If you haven't stayed there, you should.  I would highly recommend it...though the pool is tiny.  That was the only real drawback.
 This was the view from our room.  Pretty nice, eh?
 La'akea hanging out on the couch.  Resting up for the fun night ahead.
The tiny pool as modeled by the lovely Jordan.  It should really be called a large bathtub...lol.

We started the night off with dinner at Yardhouse.  Beer and onion rings?!  What more does a girl need?  (Seriously though, their onion rings are the best onion rings I've ever had, EVER.  If you haven't had them, go down and get yourself some.  Yum!  With a pint of Guinness, to die for!)

Once we were all fueled up, we headed back to the hotel to change into our costumes.
I was getting ready and people were taking pictures of my behind...thanks guys!

*Tangent: Costume Explanation.  I know that you were all around for last year's Halloween costume, where I was a cancan dancer.  I hit the gym super hard to fit into that costume.  So this year I thought why not up the bar?  If I could do it last year I could do it this year too, right?  

Thus, I opted for the Playboy Club Bunny costume circa the 1960s.  (I was kind of obsessed with that show when it was on tv for like 3 episodes...waaaaahhhhh for it being cancelled!)  I mean what's hotter than a Bunny?  (No really.  What is hotter than a Bunny?  Because I need to start looking for Halloween costume ideas for this year.)  

Also, coinciding with the birthday trauma of being yet another year closer to 30, I'm not sure how much longer I'll even want to workout to fit into said sexy Halloween costumes.  I figure my years are numbered.  So it's go big or go home at this point.  

During October, I shamelessly dragged Jordan to the gym three times a week for grueling 2 hour workouts that included numerous curls, rows, chest presses, squats, push-ups, burpies; You name it, we did them...over and over and over again and then did 30 minutes of cardio after that.  It was awful, but somehow rewarding.  So sorry Jordan for all the psychotic Navy Seal type workouts and thanks for sticking with me through it all. :)

Okay back to the post...

 Jordan and I.  All the gym time was worth it, right? 
 La'akea was Charlie Sheen.  I think he does a pretty good Sheen face.
 Kaylin shying away from the camera.
 The super heroes.  Since we're friends I'll tell you who's behind the masks.  L to R: The Flash (Storm), Batman (Tom), Spiderman (Shane), and Captain Planet (Zac)
 Spiderman perched on the couch is my favorite.  Totally classic!
 All the girls! L to R: Sailor Pin-up Girl (Kaylin), Playboy Club Bunny (Me), Fallen Angel (Jordan), and School Girl (Danielle).
This is just too cute for words!

In true Waikiki Halloween fashion, we took a stroll down the strip.
 We posed in front of stores...  (I love this photo by the way!  The silhouettes came out awesome.)
And posed with tourists.  Look we found Thor!

Then we ended the night with drinks and dancing at The Villa nightclub.
I'm not sure who took this.  I think it was one of the club promoters.
 Dancing, dancing, dancing.  She's a dancing machine.  Name that band...
 This guy had an awesome costume made out of rope light.  Very cool and creative!
The girls at the end of the night waiting for a cab back to the hotel.

All in all, I have to say that Halloween 2011 rocked hardcore.  Now to plan for next year!

*Costume Information (if anyone ever wants to be a Bunny): I bought my costume from Stage Fright online in a size medium.  It came with the bodysuit, ears, cuffs, collar with the bow tie, and a tail.

Is this the costume that I am actually wearing in these pictures?  Yes and no.  

Yes, I am wearing all the pieces that it came with, but I tweaked them.  

The collar and cuffs were huge!  Like grown man dressing as a Chippendale huge.  So I took them apart and took them in a bit...like about two inches or so for each piece.  I told you they were huge!  (*Getting on my soapbox*  I am appalled by the amount of young ladies who do not know how to sew.  Granted I'm not the best seamstress, but I can take in an item if needed and sew on buttons and what-not.  I think that it is a valuable skill to have, even if it is somewhat of a dying art.  So please send your little girls to sewing classes when they are young.  They may not appreciate it at the time, but they'll thank you later.  You know, when they have to take in the cuffs of their Halloween costume.  Thank you! *Getting off of my soapbox*)

I also added a hook and eye closure to the top of the zipper on the bodysuit.  Without the hook and eye closure the whole thing unzips a little each time you walk.  That could have been a disaster, eh?  Lol...

Lastly, I redid the tail.  The tail that comes with the costume is just feather fluff pasted onto a flat cardboard circle.  The real Playboy Club Bunnies had yarn tails.  (Yes, I researched it.  I'm a super dork.  Were you expecting any less?  I wanted to be authentic.)  So I made a yarn pom pom and hot glued it over the original tail.  Thus, resulting in a larger, fluffier, and more authentic looking bunny tail.

So yes, the costume did require extra work, but I think that "the juice was worth the squeeze." (Name that movie...)

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