Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is this real life?

Did I just look up school information on the WCC website?  Was that really me looking at the requirements for a degree in Art or was that some kind of pod person posing as me?  I think it really was me. 

How could I possibly be ready to do it all again?  Was one college experience not enough for me?  Maybe I've got the flu...or worse...Bieber  (Just kidding, but Bieber fever would be worse than going back to school.  Sorry Bieber fans.)

Maybe this is a mid-twenties crisis...or just another crackpot Arielle excuse to put a "real career" on hold for another year or two.  Probably the

A degree in Art would be pretty cool, I must admit.  (You work at a bank?  Well, I'm an artiste.)  I have always seen myself as the slightly crazy,  mostly creative, whimsical, artistic type.  Maybe it's time to get serious.  Maybe my degree in psychology was me running from my fear of the unknown.  Or rather fear of the penniless artist imagery that goes hand-in-hand with saying that you are an artist. 

I can see myself in a little paint splattered studio working on my next big piece with my two kids in tow working on their little mini masterpieces (ie. eating way too many chocolate chip cookies all while spilling paint on the floor because they "missed the paper").  Aaahhh, the good life.

Is it time to nut up or shut up?  You've got to risk it to get the biscuit, right? 

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