Monday, April 18, 2011

After dinner drinks, anyone?

We ended up having dinner together at one of the "free" restaurants on the ship.  (If you wanted to go to a fancier restaurant the price range was between $10-$25 per person.  Not bad for a three course meal!)  The food there was just okay (Keep in mind that the hubby and I are somewhat snobby when it comes to food.  Personally, I want to eat something that is both tasty and aesthetically pleasing.  I want to be wowed by food and have it be an experience in itself.  This food was not an experience.  It was just to keep you, so La'akea and I decided to forgo this restaurant and try the other restaurants as the trip progressed.

Honestly, there is only so much that one can do on a ship.  You can go swimming or lounge at the pool, gamble, read, play board games, eat food, see a show, dance at the nightclub, sleep, or drink.  Most people chose to  (Those who didn't choose to drink chose to eat food.  I have never seen so much food in all of my life!  The buffets alone were large enough to feed a third world country for a week and that was only what was served for breakfast.  I wonder what they did with all of the food that didn't get eaten...I'm not sure that I really want to know.)

Also, there was the ever popular drink while doing an activity.  Like lounge by the pool with a drink, eat food with a drink, dance at the club with a drink, go to a bar to get a drink, etc., etc.  I think that you could have actually succeeded at being drunk the entire cruise if you really tried.  I wasn't, but I'm sure that I could have pointed out a few people running for that

So after our somewhat lack luster dinner, we decided to drown our food sorrows by bar hopping.  First stop Red Lion Pub.
Tom and Danielle with their first drinks of the night.  One of
Another passenger told us to try the Guinness because it was the Foreign Extra, which has a higher alcohol content than regular Guinness and is also more expensive.  On the ship it was the same price as all of the other beers.  Score!  It was yummy.  Slightly heavier than a normal Guinness, but still very good.  
Mmmmmm, beer.
Danielle was drinking Patron Marga-tinis.  If you haven't had one, you totally should.

Next stop, the Beer Garden.  Did I mention that it was on the top deck of ship?  The open air, top deck of the ship.  Needless to say, we didn't stay long.  We ran back indoors where it was warm...literally ran.  That's how cold it was.
Zac left his jacket in his room.  I've never seen him run so fast before...hehehe.
Yes, it was that cold.

We stumbled across yet another bar, when we made it back to the warm indoors, called the Star Bar.  
I have no idea why Tom is giving me the blue steel
My cousin, Chardei.  She really didn't want me to take pictures of her, but I caught a few anyways.

After a few more drinks there, we decided to call it a night.  I mean we had a whole other sea day tomorrow to do it all

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