Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And so we were fed...

*I know that I promised to blog about my vacation, but I'm a slave to this linear time line thing and this happened before we left.  No worries.  I'll be posting about the vacation soon enough.

As you all know, March 16th is my wedding anniversary.  I'm sure you want to know how we celebrated our two year mark.  So it's a good thing that I took pictures of the whole thing, huh?

*As a disclaimer:  The hubby and I are both pretty practical people when it comes to buying gifts for our anniversary or for Valentine's Day, hence just the card and single rose this past February 14th.  We both are of the same mind that if we want something we'll just go out and get it, so there's no real need for gift giving aside from birthdays and Christmas.  (I best be getting a birthday present or all hell will break loose!  Lol...just kidding, but seriously...)  A simple card will suffice.  Honestly, I think that we'd rather do something together than buy gifts.  I know.  We're strange that way.

I was under the impression that the Mexican cruise would be where we were going to celebrate our anniversary, you know a nice dinner or something.  So I was dressed and ready to hit the gym after work like we usually do on Wednesdays.  Then I received a text from La'akea that read, "Chef Mavro's tonight?  Reservations at 7."

Needless to say, the gym clothes were thrown to the side and all of the dresses that I own were tried on with the corresponding shoes.  (Hey, I'm a girl!  Don't lie and tell me that you don't try on everything in your wardrobe while getting ready to go out on a date.  You have to figure out what is going to make you look best!)  After tearing my closet apart and screaming out "Aaaahhhhhh!  I have nothing to wear!" countless times, I found the perfect outfit...the one that I had put on in the first place.  Isn't that ironic, don't ya think? (Name that song.)

Finding the restaurant was a challenge.  Mostly since we've never been there before, but also because there is only a tiny sign posted outside of the restaurant.  Good thing I'm a master navigator or we would have driven right past it!  Okay, so we lucked out and I saw it at the last  (My husband didn't marry me for my navigation skills...hehe.)
See?  Tiny sign.  The restaurant was beautiful inside and out, though.

As for the menu, it is set up with a prefixed three course meal, four course meal, and six course meal.  You choose how many courses you would like and can mix up any of the appetizers, main courses, and desserts from any of the course selections to form your own personalized dinning experience.  For example, I had the appetizer from the six course meal and the main course and dessert from the three course meal.  They charge a little extra for the more expensive items, like Wagyu beef, but it's not much.  So go ahead and mix it up, people!

They also offer wine pairings with each course for an extra fee.  We figured that we were celebrating, so we splurged on the pairings.  They were well worth it!  Though, I may be biased by my passion for wine.

La'akea eagerly awaiting the menu.  
Oh check out the cocktail ring!  Remember that Kate Spade sample sale?  Yup, that's her Belle of the Ball ring.  Fabulous!
Three courses each equals 8 glasses.  3 each for wine pairings and 1 each for water.  You know you're in a fancy restaurant when you have a billion glasses on the table for only two  I feel for their dish washer.
Pairing number one.  I really wanted to drink it before my appetizer came out, but I resisted the temptation.
My appetizer.  A poached truffled egg with ham and a potato bisque  accompanied by a piece of toasted sweetbread.  
(I'm sorry Chef Mavro!  I know that it wasn't really called a potato bisque, but I was so busy eating that I forgot to take a picture of the menu to help me remember!  For shame, I know!)
This by the way was the most delicious dish of the night.  Hands down!  I could eat that everyday and never tire of it.  I took a bite and died, then willed myself back to life, took another bite and died again.  It was culinary genius!
La'akea had the Ahi.  Yum, yum!  (He took this picture by the way.  I can't be blamed for his bad picture taking skills...hehe.)
I had the lamb as my main course.  It was divine!  I'm a weenie when it comes to finishing all of my meal at a restaurant, so I wasn't surprised when my husband offered to finish the rest of my lamb.  You know, so I'd have room for dessert. :)
La'akea had the Wagyu beef.  On the left is the loin cut and on the right is the braised short rib.  The loin was good, but the short rib was amazing!  Especially paired with the celery root puree.  Yum!
For dessert I had the kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and coconut custard with cream cheese ice cream (Yes, that is correct.  Cream cheese ice cream!).  They should seriously sell cream cheese ice cream by the tub.  It was delish!  I wished that they had only scooped larger scoops of it on to my plate.
La'akea had their deconstructed smore.  It was pretty good, though I think that the cream cheese ice cream beat it.
They ended our wonderful meal with some green tea macaroons, a chocolate truffle, and a salted caramel to share.  I ordered a cappuccino to go with all the sweets.  Plus, whenever there is a cappuccino on the menu I have to order it.  I'm slightly obsessed with them.  Strangely, I hardly ever drink them except at restaurants.  So there, another weird Arielle-ism for you.

We shared a lovely meal in celebration of our love.  (We've been together for 11 years now, even though we've only been married for 2.  Crazy how time flies, isn't it?)

If you're ever in the area, check out Chef Mavro.  Be warned, it's a little pricey.  I scored a killer Play Hawaii deal on it awhile ago, so that helped offset some of the cost.  (I knew it was one of the restaurants on our 'must dine at' list, so when it came up I jumped on it.  Who can say no to paying $50 for a $100 gift certificate?)

Bon Appetit!

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