Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 2: I love the night life...

No birthday would be complete without a fancy celebratory dinner...
 Not the best picture of me, but proof that I was indeed there dining at the French restaurant Le Bistro.
 Tom and Danielle came too.
Here's Zac cheering for being a single guy.

Followed by massive amounts of drinking, partying, and we can't forget...karaoke! 
Zac and Laakea doing their rendition of 3 oh! 3's "Don't trust me".
I think that karaoke is the national pastime here in Hawaii-nei.  Let me tell you, we're pretty darn good at it.  So good in fact, we'll even sing loudly while you're at the mic just to help you carry a tune.  I really think we enhanced many people's song choices that night.  How do I know this to be true?
Another guest, that we didn't previously know, at the table in front of us took a picture of us singing.  Yes, I do believe that we made everyone's night that night.  
Also, you can make a lot of friends by helping other people sing.  By the end of the cruise we had a ton of people saying hi and bye to may be because of what happened later on this evening...  Foreshadowing?  I think so.

Our night of karaoke via progressive pictures of Tom and Danielle:
 We start off looking good.  Smiling nicely.  Looking all cute with our jackets on.  (By the way, Danielle, I think that you should totally frame this one.  It's a really cute one of you guys!)
 A few drinks deep.  The jacket comes off.  The blue steel look appears and fingers get pointed.
Then this :)

Here's one of Chardei!  I told you that I had to sneak pictures of her.  Hence, her not looking directly at the camera.  She became elusive when the camera came out.  
Awww, so sweet!  Who wouldn't want to marry this?  Hehe...just kidding.
This is a pretty good one of the hubby and I. 
I was told that I had to give my husband a birthday kiss.  Really I was egged on by a bunch of semi-drunk friends, chanting "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!"  I thought, 'Why not?  It's his birthday.'  He was beaming after that.  Coolest wife in the world points scored there!  :)  

Then we headed over to the theater to see a show.  The show that night was a hypnotist show.  You know the ones where they pull a whole bunch of people from the audience and hypnotize them, thereby getting them to do all kinds of crazy things that they would never normally do.

A show where I can laugh at people willingly doing completely crazy things?  I'm in!

What I didn't count on?  My ham of a brother running up towards the stage to be a volunteer.

You know what?  It was even funnier because he was in it!  He totally made the show.  Full on dancing and power-sliding as a member of the band KISS.

Was he actually hypnotized?  He says no, but you never know...
 You can kind of see Zac in this picture.  He's the tan guy standing next to the guy in the white shorts.

After that everyone on the boat knew us.  "Hey you guys hang out with Zac!  He's the man!"  Yeah I know.  He's my brother. :)

We ended the night at the night club.  It was just okay, probably because La'akea and I are not big dancers.  So we ended up dancing for a bit and then calling it a night in the wee hours of the morning.

Happy birthday to the best husband ever!  Hope it was the best celebration to date.

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