Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 2: Three cheers for the birthday boy!

The next day it was the hubby's birthday.  We decided that we had to do it up right.  I mean we were on vacation, which already means that the rules of daily life don't apply, but it was also a birthday!  So all caution was thrown to the wind!  (Including my diet.  By the end of this day I really didn't care about calories any

Happy birthday, darling!

We decided that the best thing to start the day off would be a wine tasting.  Everyone should start their birthday off with a wine tasting, right?

La'akea and Zac waiting for the wine and cheese to be served.  They had the yummiest cheeses to pair with each wine.  My new favorite cheese?  Caraway cheese.  It's creamy and nutty and oh so delicious!
Zac and Tom.  Tom wasn't really feeling the wine, which was perfectly fine with me because I got to drink all the extras.  Thanks Tom for not liking the wine that they served.  :)
Next on the list, head to the casino.  I didn't take any pictures there because I thought it might be weird.  I know, I should have just taken some.  Oh well.  We did learn how to play craps though.  Well...they told me how and I nodded indicating that I understood, but it really made no sense to me.  Yeah, yeah.  Put money on a number and roll the dice.  Got it!  Ummm, no...  

Take this money and go shopping.  Now that's something that I understand completely.

After the casino and a few of the free drinks that they were passing out there, we headed out to the deck.  I thought it would be nice to get a few shots of just the guys.  

This is what happens when you ask three guys to smile at the same time...
You get no real smiles, just

By the time we were finished messing around on the deck, we had just enough time to headed back to our rooms to get changed for the night ahead.

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