Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 1: The cruise sets sail...

Our cruise to Mexico started in Los Angeles, CA.  We took a bus from the airport to the cruise terminal.
Danielle and Tom, Zac's good friends from high school and now also my friends, snuggling on the bus ride over.  You guys are too cute!
Here's Zac after we got off the bus.  I think he was yelling about it being cold.  In Hawaii it was relatively warm before we left, but in LA it was freezing!  I thought it was supposed to be Spring

After waiting in a super huge line with everyone else who was trying to board the ship, we were finally allowed on.  I think what took so long was checking over everyone's paper work and getting their room keys set up.  I'm glad that they were thorough, though.  
Danielle, Tom, Zac, and I boarding the ship.
La'akea snapped a quick shot of me next to the boat before we boarded.  The ship is huge!  Don't worry we got a better picture of it later.

Once aboard, we were told that our rooms would not be ready for at least another hour or so.  So we roamed the ship in search of food.  After feasting at the giant buffet, we headed to our rooms to get situated and relax a little before deciding what to do with the rest of our night.
The hubby and I ended up venturing outside to see the boat take off.  It was really windy and super cold!
Goodbye LA!  We'll see you in a week!

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