Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flirty Little Flowers

In the spirit of Earth Day (which is tomorrow people!)...and because my Mom told me to...I spent my 'down time' (aka. nap time for the kiddies at her daycare) today planting her new flower bed.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm not one of those people who loves to get dirty and sweaty, especially not sweaty, outdoors.  I like the idea of gardening, but am in no way a gardener.  The closest I get to gardening is going to the farmers market and buying locally grown

Don't get me wrong, I've tried...but the poor plants usually die a slow and painful death.  I've over-watered, under-watered, forgot-to-water, over-sun exposed, under-sun exposed, etc., etc.  many plants to their untimely deaths.  So as far as I am concerned, gardeners who can get plants to grow for any large chunk of time must possess magical powers.

But look!  I did it!  The rows of flowers even seem to look straight. :)  I planted impatiens.  Partly because the name (Haha to the play on words there) and partly because they are supposed to be easy to grow...we'll see about the latter.  Also, they are dirt cheap!  At only $0.89 each, if they pass on to plant heaven I won't feel so bad.

Okay time for a close up.  Look how cute they are!  So springy and fresh looking.  Plus they come in a ton of shades of pink!  My kind of flower.

Here's a picture of my hand, excuse the pastie whiteness it's been awhile since I've seen the beach, to prove that I really planted them.  My fingers are orange from the gloves I was  I'm actually surprised that there are no ink stains on my hand from stamping.

Hmmm...if this flower bed works out, maybe I'll consider trying to garden again.  I really want to grow a veggie and herb garden.  (I must confess that I do have a rosemary and oregano plant right now.  Thanks Teri's Dad!)  Fresh veggies and herbs make the best dishes!  If I take up gardening I'll most certainly need a pair of wellies to garden in, right?  I did have my eye on a pair of Dooney and Bourke wellies.  If I want to be successful I'll have to have the right tools!


  1. I am experimenting with gardening this spring too. Except i did veggies, and they all died. Except the strawberries. I am gonna try them from seeds now. I blame the dog, she got into my planter box. Let me know how your flowers do!

  2. Lol...that usually happens to me too. My flowers are growing great, despite a huge flood during which I sent my husband running out into the rain armed with lawn chairs and shower curtains to save them from their untimely Also there's a spot where the flowers are having a hard time growing because my Mom's dog uses the flower bed as a short cut to the front door...nice. Still working on teaching him to go success yet.