Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 26th B-day my wonderful Hubby!

Okay so this is a little late for a post since it happened over two weeks ago...yeah, yeah no wife of the year award for quick  But I'm sure that he knew of my procrastination issues long before he married me.

I think that this, on the other hand, qualifies for wife of the year points!

This is the chalkboard at the entry point of our little community where we live.  (Yes, they have a chalkboard for posting important messages about our community...yes people still use writing, actual handwritten messages, as a form of communication...shocking I  Usually people write things about community events, great housekeepers (man do I wish that I could afford one of those!), and occasionally birthdays.

I made up my mind that I was going to write a b-day message for my husband.  The day before his birthday, I got in my car and drove to the store and bought the colored chalk.  I then drove to the chalkboard, fully equipped with a bottle of water and paper towels to wipe off the previous message, and stood there planning out my message...only to be greeted by a million mosquitoes!  (That's what you get for living in the mountains...I know, I know!)  So I quickly wrote out the message, plain and simple, all while swatting away the evil blood-sucking beasts.  My original intentions were to just write "Happy Birthday La'akea", which I happily wrote out.  Then I took a step back to review my wonderful art work and realized that "Happy" and "Birthday" were too far "26th" got thrown in at the last  (Hey, I figure we are still young enough to announce least until next

Cheers!  His birthday dinner at Yard House. :)

So who loves you, baby?  Yeah that's right, I do! :)

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