Monday, April 19, 2010

*Photo Update* April 2010 Class: Purse-fection!

Here's the final purse version.  The flower on the front really adds something don't you think? (Sorry that this pic is blurry.  The chairs in the background are more in focus, but you try seeing how the picture is going to look with a small 2.5" screen!  My eyes are good, but they aren't bionic! Lol...)

 As promised, here's the little card that fits in the front pocket of the purse.  Simple and sleek.  I love it!  Sometimes I tend to...shall we say over-embellish?  So it's nice to see that I can still create something simple and stylish.  It only pained me a tiny bit not to add bling to this card, but I justified the lack of bling by telling myself that the paper was already glittery. :)

Enjoy!  I look forward to seeing you all at the next class.  What's the next project, you say?  You want a hint?!?  Okay just twist my arm then!  Think cards, multiple cards, and caps, gowns, and diplomas.  That's all you get.  I can say no more!

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