Monday, June 14, 2010

June 27: Star Scrappin'!

This month's Stampin' day will take place on June 27th, which is a Sunday, at 1pm.  Please contact me for information on the exact location.

This month, as promised, we'll be making a scrapbook...and not just any scrapbook, one that folds out into a star!  How fun is that?!?  (Thanks Teri for the cool idea!  You totally rock my socks!)

 Front view of the scrapbook closed
 Front view of the scrapbook open
 Bird's eye view of the scrapbook open

The color combos may vary, so be sure to come early for the best color selection.  I know that it looks complicated, but it's really no stress!

The class fee is $20, which includes your kit with pre-cut pieces, all shared supplies (stamps, scissors, etc.), and a super yummy snack.  Don't forget to bring your own double-sided sticky tape and any other supplies that you think you'll want to use (ie. photos, scissors, punches, etc.)!  Please RSVP to me by Monday, June 21st

Don't be shy!  Encourage a friend(s) to come along.  More girls means more ideas and more fun shared together!  Just be sure that they RSVP to me or you can RSVP for them.  Also, if you are unable to attend, but still want to do the class you can purchase a kit for $25 (which includes the $5 for shipping and handling).  Looking forward to seeing you all!

Stampin' and smilin',

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