Friday, June 4, 2010

Wine and dine me!

It's Wednesday night and the hubby and I are both starving and, of course, no one wants to cook.  Did we cry?  No.  We turned it into an impromptu date night.  Par-tey!  I love date cooking, no dishes, no worries, and plenty of wine.  Perfect world?  Check!

I thought it would be fun to show you some pics of what we ate at Formaggios on Wednesday night.  I looked like a total freak taking pictures of the food with my cell phone, but that's just the price I pay to provide you with top quality  

Side note:  If you haven't been to Formaggios in Kailua yet you need to put that on the top of your To Do List.  The food is fabulous, the servers are great, the decor is warm and calming, and the wine...oh what can I say about that?  It's everything that I want it to be.  I would recommend the blind wine tasting.  Super fun because you have no idea what you'll get and you have to guess (don't worry they tell you in the end!), plus you get to try the expensive wines that they have for just $13.  Fun and won't break the bank?!?  Score!

The hubby and I ended up getting the special of the night, which was Lamb T-Bone steaks served over a bed of linguine in a mushroom cream sauce, and shared it since we both weren't super super starving.  Boy am I glad that we shared! 

First up, Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche.  I'm not a huge ceviche fan, but this one was super yummy.  Thanks Dusty for sending this over for us to try!  You are totally my favorite.  We'll miss you when you move to San Francisco!  :(
Next came the Beef Barley Soup and the Warm Spinach Salad with pancetta and strawberries!
 Main course was the lamb.  (A little secret is that I NEVER ate lamb before a few years ago.  I used to tell my husband when he ate it that he was eating a baby animal and that he should feel horrible.  Over the years he's convinced me that the little lambs are raised for it and that the farmers make sure that they have a fulfilled life before they are served on anyone's plate.  I'm sure that's not true, but it does kind of make me feel better.)  Lamb is really tasty when it's done right and this one was done oh so right.  Especially with the pasta!  Ugh, I could have eaten a whole plate of that pasta with the mushroom cream sauce all by itself!  The medley of mushrooms made it taste so rustic and earthy.  It went perfectly with the lamb.
This is La'akea after dinner and a glass of wine.  I believe that's his blue steel look.  Sexy, work it, work it!
Finally, the finishing touch to every good meal, the dessert.  Cinnamon-Rum Bread Pudding.  Yum, yum, yum!  (Though I do think that my bread pudding recipe beats out  Those of you who have had it can attest.  I do make a pretty mean bread pudding, if I do say so myself.)
Here's my hubby again.  He told me as I snapped the picture "This is me eating a cookie." I took one look at the picture and said that it would most definitely be posted on the blog.  He looked at it and said "Oh no, don't post that.  I look like a doof."  Then I said "I'm posting your comment too."  Lol...what can I say?  A girl's gotta have something on her husband, right? :)


  1. Hey Becky! Long time no see! I love this post on your dinner at Formaggio's...I think you should be a writer, so perfect, every word, description and great photos to go along with it! La'akea is so lucky that you are making him famous by posting his photos! Great post!

  2. Awww...thanks Teri. I'll be sure to tell La'akea that I am making him famous, not embarrassing him, via the internet. He'll enjoy that...hehe. :)

  3. Yes, your bread pudding is the best! I've never had bread pudding at Formaggio but I will still say that it's true. No contest.