Monday, July 19, 2010

Take a walk with me to SFmoma

After checking into our hotel and a much needed nap, we headed over to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  If art is your thing, as it is mine, this is definitely where you parked your car.  (I know that you are thinking there is no way that your husband planned a day for you at a stinkin' art museum.  No husband on this great Earth would commit himself to that kind of a day unless he was crazy.  Yeah crazy about me!  He planned the whole museum day because he knew that I would want to go there.  What can I say?  I lucked out in the husband department.  Plus, I'm totally worth

Along the way we found an amazing park.  It was beautifully manicured and people were actually using it!  There were people picnicing, lovers laying lazily on the lawn gazing into each others eyes, Chinese fan dancing for seniors.  I couldn't believe that there were so many people in this park on a weekday.  That's getting the most for your tax dollars!

The view of the park from the terrace.  That's an infinity water feature over looking the park below.
When Arielles attack!  Roar!
We found a giant globe.  Look it's Hawaii!

Across the street from this beautiful park is the Zeum.  It's the kids version of the SFmoma.  And guess what they had!  A 100 year old carousel!  Of course I had to ride it.  How can anyone say no to riding a 100 year old carousel?  Only $3 for two rides, it's a steal of a deal!  Yes, we were the oldest people riding the carousel without children in tow.  But who's really keeping track of that?

My husband, being such a good sport, rode with me.

After the carousel ride we happily skipped, hand in hand, over to the SFmoma.  (Okay so we didn't really skip, but I had you going didn't I?)  We were greeted by this sign:
And to think, all this time my life was set to ring.  I knew I went wrong

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