Friday, July 30, 2010

I heart the Ferry Building!

It's our second day in SF and I couldn't wait to see what my hubby had planned for us.  He suggested breakfast at the Ferry Building.  It didn't sound too exciting, but I went with it.  I mean he researched everything, so he must know where to go and what to do, right?  Well...sort

The cable car drop off point was near our hotel, so the original plan was to get on the cable car and have it take us down to the Ferry Building.  He miss read the map and figured out, after we arrived at the cable car loading station, that the cable cars don't head that way...only the bus

Being the trooper that I am, I suggested that we walk to the Ferry Building.  It didn't look too far away on the map, so why not?  I was wrong.  It was far.  Damn those misleading maps!

We probably walked like 3 miles before we arrived there, but the walk was worth it.  There was a huge Farmer's Market set up outside the Ferry Building.  I love me a Farmer's Market!  There were booths and booths of organic veggies and fruits.  I could have just built my house right there next to the Farmer's Market and been happy for the rest of my life.
I bought a white peach from this booth.  It was the juiciest peach I have ever eaten!  My hubby's comment, "You should find a bathroom and wash that before you eat it.  Organic farms use poop for fertilizer."  Jee, thanks hunny!  Yes, I went inside and washed it.

Then we headed inside to find this little hole in the wall restaurant called Boulette's Larder.  They only cook with organic produce and change their menu daily depending on what is in season at the time.  Holy moly was their food delish!  I've been home for weeks now and I am still thinking of the breakfast that we had there.
 Eagerly awaiting our scrumptious breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, pork belly, and arugula salad with a side of toast (Which I smothered with organic butter and homemade orange marmalade.  If you haven't had organic butter yet, you need to.  I'm not a big butter fan, but the organic stuff is to die for!  Naked Cow Dairy here in Hawaii makes a killer Hawaiian Salt butter.  Yum!).  I topped it all off with a few cups of cafe press coffee.  Coffee from a coffee press just tastes so much better to me than the percolated stuff.
Now that's what I call breakfast!

After breakfast we shopped around at the Ferry Building.  They had the coolest little stores!


One store was called Sur La Table where I found these vintage inspired cups created by Anne Taintor:
The picture is a little blurry, but it says "From scratch?  Why yes...I scratched the label right off the bakery's box."
"She was one cocktail away from proving his mother right."

I was going to buy a cup to take home and drink my coffee out of, but I was afraid it would get broken in my suitcase.  So I opted to order one online and bought the paper coaster set instead.

Once my husband successfully dragged me out of the cooking store, we made our way towards Pier 39.  We decided to walk again...mostly to work off all the butter I had just consumed.

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  1. How fun!! San Fran! I love San Francisco...Love all of the photos and the commentaries, I feel like you are sitting right with me looking at your scrapbook from your trip! Have a superfabulous time there!!