Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 days of photos: Day 9

Day 9: The weirdest picture on your cell phone

This is by far the weirdest picture on my cell phone.  I took this picture to send to a friend.  It was one of those, "What are you going to wear tonight?  Is this okay?" pictures.

Look at my face.  I was concentrating so hard about getting the dress in the shot that I forgot to smile or look like a semi-normal

La'akea says that this dress is cursed because every time I say that I am going to wear it our plans get canceled.  If I say that I'm going to wear it he says, "Oh then I won't need to worry about getting ready then.  We'll be staying home."  Haha...

It still has the tags on it people!  Please someone take me out somewhere that I can wear it and break the cycle!

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